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La captura de CO2 es necesaria para reducir las emisiones de invernadero-media-1
25 enero, 2018

Smoke bellow from the chimneys of Belchatow Power Station, Europe’s largest biggest coal-fired power plant, in this May 7, 2009 file photo. Farming plankton, sending solar panels into orbit, remodelling hydrogen — for the latest wave of entrepreneurs suggesting easier ways out of climate change, it’s all in a day’s pitching. Beyond grabbing headlines, such notions are attracting serious scientific attention and venture funding from investors who at least until the collapse of Lehman Brothers lent credibility to high-risk investment propositions. Some plans seek radical alternatives to fossil fuels. Other businesses are dreaming of geoengineering — planning to tweak the earth’s climate by removing heat-trapping carbon dioxide (CO2) or reflecting sunlight into space. To match feature CLIMATE/TECHNOLOGY-FIX REUTERS/Peter Andrews/Files (POLAND POLITICS ENVIRONMENT ENERGY BUSINESS)

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